Navarra Classic Raid – 4th and 5th June 2021 | Regularity Raid

Navarra Classic Raid - 4 y 5 junio 2021 | Raid de Regularidad


During the Navarra Classic Festival 2021 the 1st Navarra Classic Raid atook place, a Regularity Raid ideal for those willing to prepare for the Dakar Classic. It is an event with navigation on dirt tracks and more than 300 kilometers, consisting of 2 stages (4th and 5th June), starting and finishing at the Circuito de Navarra.






Navarra classic festival 2021


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Navarra Classic Raid 2021 Information

The raid will have a total of 12 regularity sections. Vehicles manufactured until 1996, or until 2000 in the case of vehicles of special interest will be allowed to participate, divided into categories of 4 × 4 Cars, 4 × 2 Cars, Motorcycles, Quads and Trucks. Don’t miss the opportunity to participate in the Navarra Classic Raid 2021 with vehicles and participants of the Dakar Classic!

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