The people who are part of the team are our greatest asset, the engine that works tirelessly to offer unique experiences to our participants, sponsors and audiences in our tests: always at your disposal.

Alex Romaní
Alex RomaníPresident
Christian Gutiérrez
Christian GutiérrezProduction and Logistics
Tere Armadans
Tere ArmadansAdministration
Ramon García
Ramon GarcíaTechnologies
Alex Romaní Jr.
Alex Romaní Jr.Speaker
Isabel Romaní
Isabel RomaníTrainee
Sergi Blasco
Sergi BlascoPress and Communication
Maribel Alcaraz
Maribel AlcarazAdministration
Jordi Parro
Jordi ParroSporting Official and roadbooks
Anna Ferrer
Anna FerrerOfficial and Secretarty
Manel Cabot
Manel CabotFilmmaker
Xina Rivera
Xina RiveraHospitality