BMW LeMans

In the BMW Classic Series of Calafat (3 September) there will be some new features that could be implemented in 2017 if it works well: check-in express, free practice, Youngtimers, and co-drivers for the classics; and start-type “Le Mans” for motorcycles (in the 1st run of regularity).

The classics will be offered two additional rounds of free practice (30 ‘each) in the morning. In these batches cars Youngtimers (1990-1999) will be allowed, on a trial, which could have a grill itself in 2017 if a minimum of vehicles is achieved. There will be a new express filter check-in for teams who have completed and paid the registration.

In Calafat will be another novelty: classic cars participants may bring a companion to share the experience of the BMW Classic Series. We will announce the details soon.