Carles Miró is the prototype of a passionate pilot for the classics, who participates in all kinds of events and disciplines, at a very high level. In 2019 he will participate with his faithful co-driver Ivan Matavacas in the XVII Rallye d’Hivern de Viladrau, the 67 Rally Moritz Costa Brava in Girona, and the XVI Costa Brava Històric Rally in Palamós. In the Porsche Classic Series he is part of the Porsche Barcelona Team, and in the No Limits Barcelona and the Chopard Rally, it is his wife Victòria Argimon who accompanies him. At 6h Endurlarity 2018, despite being on medical leave, he escaped to the Parcmotor circuit to shoot an hour, though, closely watched by his family and friends. A crack!