The photo reflects the friendship of two good men, two motorsport patrons in Catalonia. It’s made by Mia Vidal at the Winter Rally, at 2 a.m. on a frozen December, having a hot chocolate at the end of the Leg. Notice how they look? they admire!

They are the two people I know who have done more to help others live their motorsport.

Berto, Montserrat and his children have always helped everyone who needs it from Garatge Internacional.

RallyClassics started their first adventure with them, in Salt, with the first Winter Rally of 2002 … but we knew them before.

Papi Bäbler had long since retired from the racing world, and Berto had him returned, with the excuse of regularity; and he came to help us grow. Berto prepared a beautiful Lancia Fulvia, and then an Autobianchi A112 Abarth. Papi was always very optimistic and laughing – as Berto – and until the last day (at the age of 85) he was participating in the rallies we organized. I remember him, at 5am, at the end of the second leg of the Historic Costa Brava Rally, where everyone was getting very tired, and he -with a smile from ear to ear- said in front of the young people of 50-60 years old “I would return to restart now, instead of going to bed, I’m having a lot of fun”. Next to him, Berto and Montserrat, waiting for nothing to be missed, waiting for Mia to arrive within minutes – with another Autobianchi for racing and assistance – for a review of Papi’s car, before leaving. to sleep.

Two good men, Papi and Berto, who have taught us to work with humility and passion.

Two families, Bäbler and Vidal, deserve all my respect, admiration and grateful.

Alex Romani

Mia Vidal