PASSION. Common denominator shared by the organization and the participants. It is the feeling that we have transferred to the corporate image that will accompany us from next season.

A renewed identity that combines the efforts of each person in our team with the years of experience organizing events for classic vehicles.

In 2022 we will celebrate the 20th anniversary of RallyClassics as an organizer of racing events for classic vehicles, and we will do so with a new corporate image that reflects our passion for creating unforgettable experiences for drivers and spectators.

This new RallyClassics identity will be gaining presence on the different digital media in the coming weeks.


The new corporate image of RallyClassics

EVOLUTION. The new lines of the logo are assimilated to a road or a circuit, scenarios of the competitions and events that we organize since 2002.

UNION. United letters that are inspired by the great staff behind each event, all sharing the same feeling.

FAIR-PLAY. Fair-play and sportsmanship above all else. The goal of always reaching the finish line and enjoying the experience.

PASSION. The background of all our actions, symbolized in a new, more powerful, visible and passionate corporate color.


The first of several novelties

The presentation of the new corporate image marks the start for the 2022 RallyClassics season. In a matter of days, the different events that will make up the season will begin to be announced, with special attention to the new edition of the Rally Costa Brava, which will be held in Girona from 17th to 20th March and for which registrations will be open very soon.

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