La pareja Prenafeta-Pujol volverá al Rally Costa Brava

This astonishing Ferrari 308 GTB Gr.4 was also seen at the BMW Classic Series in Calafat. Photography: Jaime Palau Ribes

The tandem composed by Jordi Prenafeta and Guifré Pujol will return to participate in the popular classic motor test that is celebrated annually in the province of Girona, the Rally Costa Brava . After having participated in several occasions, the last one in the last edition finishing on the 11th position, Prenafeta-Pujol have confirmed that will be back to form part of the start of the Speed category. Therefore, Girona will enjoy again their Ferrari 308 GTB Gr.4, with power of 300 hp and made as they were prepared in Michelotto.