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On Saturday in ELS ANGELS Historic lived an exciting day, as in the old days, in which the teams and the crowd mingled in the meadow enabled as (very open) closed park opposite the restaurant Can Pol. The pilots enjoyed a sunny day, and in the morning they could make three ascents to the sanctuary dels Angels, where another large parking could speak about their cars and their last race, waiting for all caravan to descend to the starting point. Regularity test resulted in a podium 100% Porsche, with Carles Miró-Ivan Matavaques more regular, followed by Josep and Ricard Codina, and the women Tere Armadans and Anna Vives ahead of a wide road show of 57 classic cars. Blunik and “Maestro de Modena” were the sponsors of the event, together with the Ultonia Hotel, where was celebrated an interesting presentation and exhibition the night before, which came Salvador served as chief guest.