With the aim of rewarding and promoting sustainable driving and respect for the environment, the EcoSeries started this season in 2017 in an integrated way with the Costa Brava Historic Rally in Palamós on 22 April.

The competition takes place in different stages such as rallies, circuits or cities in order to enjoy ecological driving.

The objective of this initiative is to be a meeting point between energy efficiency and technological innovation through an open competition where the winner is not the one who goes faster, but the one that leads more efficiently and consumes less. Thus, it is a question of combining efficient driving and sport with innovative technologies by making it a part of the citizenship, offering you the opportunity to participate in an official competition that goes through the most famous circuits and sections and ascend to the top of the podium.


At the moment the classification of the competition is the following one:

1- Xevi Ardite & Elsa Sererols (BMW 218D Active Tourer) 556.1 points

2-Jordi Costa-Miquel Costa (Seat Altea XL GLP) 1572 points

3-Adrià Masferrer – Albert Garcia 8Mercedes Class A 200 CDI) 1,822 points


We remember the calendar and characteristics of the championship events:

1.Costa Brava Historic Rally (22 April- Palamós)


2.Criterium Nocturn (July 15 – Sils)

The ” Criterium Nocturn ” will be the next edition of the EcoSeries. This is a regularity test for ECO-0,1,2 and 3 vehicles, totally nocturnal, with a loop to repeat twice.


3.Final Circuit Catalunya- Barcelona (7 October- Montmeló)

This is a circuit test where the final of the Eco Series coincides with the final of the Porsche Classic Series. The day becomes a party for the whole family with live music, Chill Out zone, simulators, stands, VIPs and of course motor and classics.


4.No limits (28 October- Barcelona)

This will consist of a test of Strategy and Orientation directed of course, to ecological vehicles but also to drivers with some physical disability, that helps to become aware of the will to have a green and friendly city with the people. The test will coincide with the Rider Barcelona where the Moll de Marina will become the venue of the day and where the Village will be installed.

The objective of this test is to choose the 8 best pass controls of the city with a classification that will be decisive only for the championship tiebreaker of the category (ECOseries, ELECTROseries).


Photography: Ramon Puig