The preparation for the 1st RallyClassics Africa (16th-21st September, 2023) continues its course.

The route has already been designed and work is currently being done on the roadbook, which will offer the usual RallyClassics quality, with FIA symbology and a route designed so that the teams can use it as preparation and set-up for events like Dakar Classic, Africa Eco Race or similar.

At the security level, the route will be controlled with the same systems of the main international raids, GPS and a live tracking system.

The RallyClassics Africa itinerary is made up of 5 stages, with approximately 900 kilometers of itinerary, 700 of which are Reguarity.

During the rally-raid there will be more than 20 regularity zones, and there will be two dune navigation zones, where the teams will be able to put themselves to test and practice by navigating the dunes of Merzouga. This will be one more attraction of this new regularity rally-raid.

In just a few days the schedule and the regulations of RallyClassics Africa will be available.



  • Classics: 4×4 and Trucks
  • Open (Regularity): SSV, Proto and modern 4×4


  • AN EXCITING AND DEMANDING ROUTE: created by RallyClassics in collaboration with Josep Maria Servià and Fina Román, two of the greatest experts of the area.
  • THE PERFECT TUNE-UP: An event designed for teams to prepare for the Dakar Classic, Africa Eco Race or any event of similar characteristics, and to put themselves to the test in terms of navigation and set-up to of the vehicle. Averages of max 60 km/h.
  • A VITAL EXPERIENCE: A rally with relaxed schedules, designed to have free afternoons to review roadbooks, enjoy the accommodation, go sightseeing, buggy routes and much more.
  • SAFETY: Roadbook with the usual quality of Rallyclassics, FIA symbology and a controlled route with the same technology of international raids, including live tracking GPS.
  • COMFORT: 7 nights of accommodation at the best hotels in the area: 1 night at Hotel Xaluca, 5 nights at Hotel Tombouctou and 1 night in Haima (Marahton stage).
  • ORGANISATION:A great human team displaced by RallyClassics, so that the participants only worry about enjoying themselves.

Registration is now open, with a special promotion for the first 20 teams to register.

All information about RallyClassics Africa available here.