A pioneering program to promote the participation of women in all areas of classic motorsport.


What is #MotorDona?

#MotorDona is a program created by Club RallyClassics, in collaboration with institutions and companies, aimed to promote the participation of women in different events throughout the season.

It is a three-year program (2022-2024) that began successfully at the 70 Rally Motul Costa Brava and will continue in future editions of this event, as well as in others such as the Rally Costa Brava Històric by Motul or the Porsche Classic Series.

Classic motorsport events can be the perfect gateway for women in motorsport, due to the ease of participating as an amateur, without the need for previous experience, and because they are well-regarded and highly appreciated vehicles by the public.


What is the purpose of the program?

In motorsports, the role of women has undergone a great evolution in recent years, a trend that the #MotorDona program is working to transfer to classic motorsports as well, seeking to achieve equal opportunities both in terms of drivers and co-drivers, as well as in the rest of the organization areas: mechanics, engineers, doctors, technical or sports commissioners, race direction, etc.

In order to achieve this, different actions have been activated:

  • Promotions: all the events organized by Club RallyClassics have direct discounts on registration for women, thus seeking to promote participation. Work is also being done to reach agreements with mechanic and business schools, among others, so that women can participate actively in the event as part of the organization.
  • Talent: create benchmarks through the participation of women who seek to inspire new generations.
  • Visibility: use of all technical and social resources to give visibility to the program and encourage the active participation of women in all areas of motorsports.


#MotorDona at the 70 Rally Motul Costa Brava

The program began in March 2022 with the celebration of the 70 Motul Costa Brava Rally, the oldest rally in Spain, and one of the most prestigious in Europe, a scoring event for the European, Spanish and Catalan Historic Rally Championships.

In this edition, 13 female pilots and 46 female pilots participated (25% of the total number of co-pilots). This was a record in the discipline, positioning this rally as a benchmark in female participation at a continental level, and a great starting point for the program. In addition, different women have positions of high responsibility in the race direction, and dozens of volunteers make the organization and sporting success of this rally possible.

Do you want to participate in the following events, either inside or outside the car? Do you want to know more about the #MotorDona program and how it can help introduce you to the world of motorsports?

We wait for you!

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#MotorDona sponsors

The #MotorDona program is possible thanks to the collaboration of the Secretaria General de l’Esport i l’Activitat Física de la Generalitat de Catalunya, Ajuntament de Girona, Diputació de Girona, Motul, Riki Cars, Centro Porsche Barcelona, Centro Porsche Girona, SEAT and Pura Vida.