XVIII Rallye d’Hivern-Criterium Viladrau


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Information the XVIII Rallye d’Hiver-Criterium de Viladrau

The Rallye d’Hivern reaches its eighteenth edition, being the test that began the journey of RallyClassics as an organizing club, on December 14, 2002. Salt hosted the “Hivern” until the rally moved two years to Andorra (2010 and 2011 ), in search of the “most difficult yet”, to return to Viladrau, where the last 7 editions have been held. In 2020 the Rallye d’Hivern – Criterium Viladrau will be held on January 17, being the first regular rally of the Catalan calendar.
The Rallye d’Hivern – Criterium de Viladrau will consist of two parts:
The total route will be approximately 475 kilometers, with 12 stages of regularity on asphalt, which will add a total of 275 km, of which some 80 km will correspond to the “Criterium Viladrau”,
In the first Criterium type loop each team will decide its rhythm, except in the sectors that the organization imposes an average, always maintaining absolute respect for traffic rules, and with a time between the Time Controls calculated at the average of maximum 50 km / h. In the second round of the first loop, identical to the first, the teams must try to “trace” the passing times throughout the first round.
The second part of the Regularity Rally will consist of 4 stages to be repeated, in the purest “Criterium Montseny Guilleries” style, and a short and definitive third round of only 2 regularity stages.

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