Apoya al Rally Costa Brava

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«Full support for Rallyclassics, a lot of strength for the whole team, we are sure to get ahead with the rally. #FansPorscheClassic is looking forward to racing and having fun. We are with you. Here we go!!»
– Sergi Giralt, #FIAchampionregularityrally2018
«Do what is beneficially for the rally! You know I will always support you guys. I hope that all teams are coming – so do we – as I was telling you many times, we do like your event, Catalunia and its people! Greetings from Budapest.» – László Mekler (Hungary)

«I see you have had a lot of difficult decisions recently. Hope you have kept up the good spirit! We will arrive for a beautiful rally experiences anyway, see you in a few days. Best Wishes,» – Valter Jensen & Erik Pedersen» (Norway)

«We are on our way to girona and costa brava rally, irrespective of decisions taken! In my opinion costa brava rally is the best event in the whole championship , and I would hate to miss such an opportunity! Best regards,» – Sverre Norrgard (Finland)