The third edition of the Porsche Classic Series by RallyClassics will mark the equator of the season. The circuit of Alcarrás (Lleida), with a total of 3,750 meters of pavement, will welcome the classic teams on Saturday, 17 June.

The Regularity event will gather cars (all brands), motorcycles and formulas before the year 1990, and will be a good excuse for families and friends to enjoy the magnificent facilities (Restaurant, karts, swimming pool), while the pilots will do their work in the track and in the paddock, where always reigns the Fair-play characteristic of the events of RallyClassics.

In addition, this becomes an attractive and disputed test where the handicaps allow to match options and keep the emotion to the end.

For lovers of regularity and their companions, the days of the Porsche Classic Series allow you to enjoy the motor and other fun activities in a pleasant and fun atmosphere, such as the Family Parade.

Another attraction of this competition in circuit are the Porsche Parade, an activity destined to all those Porsche classics that want to participate, independently to the test and want to enjoy the safe driving inside the circuit of Alcarràs. There will be several 25-minute runs throughout the day.


The provisional classification of the Porsche Classic Series 2017 is as follows:


1-Jaume Campreciós (Porsche 968), 57 points

2-Francesc Palau-Jordi Martinez (Volkswagen Golf GTI), 53 points

3-Josep Lluís Marcó (Porsche 911 T), 52 points

4-Eduardo Conde Lucaya-Eduardo Conde Muntadas (BMW 3.0 CSI), 45.5 p.

5-Ferran Gonzalez-Serra (Porsche 911 Carrera), 45 points

5-Paul Vinches-Yves Balasse (Ford Sierra Cosworth), 45 points



1-Joan Pedragosa-Josep Beltri (Lotus Seven), 80 points

2-Jean Caszalot (Lola T-598), 62 points

3-Antonio Serrano-Jordi Motger (Westfield SE), 48 points

4-Alexandre Caszalot (Lola T-598), 28 points

5-Jean-Paul Chabbert-Jerome Quiot (Caterham 1600J), 28 points



1-Alejandro Tejedo Zabaco (Ducati F1 750), 48 points

2-Eduardo Conde (BMW R90S Daytona), 46.5 points

3-Miquel Colomeda (Suzuki GSXR 1100), 43 points

4-Josep Llort (Suzuki GSXR 750), 41 points

5-Alejandro Tejedo Escuin (Ducati F1 750), 37 points


Formed by a total of 5 tests, the first already made and disputing the final in the Barcelona-Catalunya Circuit, we remember the schedule of the Porsche Classic Series:

Calafat 1 -8 April

Parcmotor – May 13

Alcarràs – 17 June

Calafat 2 – September 16

Barcelona-Catalunya – 7 October