The exceptional entry list of 63 Rally Costa Brava, with over 100 teams, is headed by pilots Speed FIA, among which “Lucky” -Fabrizia Pons (No. 1) and “Pedro” -Emanuele Baldaccini (2) both Lancia Delta Integrale with, followed by Mats Myrsell (3) and Valter Jensen (4), both with Porsche 911. the three Lancia Rally 037, Vaison, Cazaux and Covini give a great show, to which must be added some Ford Sierra (Daniel Alonso, Jiri Navratil), and several Ford Escort, BMW and even some SEAT Marbella.
In Regularity no mythical pilots, as Japanese Kenjiro Shinozuka, or the Catalans Salvador Cañellas, Mia Bardolet or Antonio Rius, all former officers SEAT, returning to enlist in the Spanish brand mounts for added joy of the spectators.