The 66 Rally Moritz Costa Brava already has more than 130 teams, which represents an unprecedented success, taking into account that there is still just a month for the closing of entries. The good taste of mouth that leaves the Costa Brava Rally between the participants and the fans, make the number of attendees grow every year.
The event has already been prepared with a huge Service park in Girona, with Hospitality and Village for teams and visitors, 4 stages on Saturday to repeat twice – with a stop at mid-day to see up close the best rally machines of the 70s and 80s, and with the podium in the city of Girona, near the hotels and the public.
In figures, at the moment, there are 48 teams registered in Speed, 45 in Legend – it will be limited to 50 cars of exception – and 38 in Regularity. (Foto: Jordi Bou)