We offer you the great opportunity to participate in 2 of the great Mediterranean rallies within 10 days.

The organizers of the XVIII Rally Clasico Isla Mallorca and the 70 Rally Motul Costa Brava offer you a unique opportunity to make a dream come true: 2 rallyes in 10 days.

In two consecutive weeks, from 10th to 12th March in Mallorca and from 17th to 20th March in the Costa Brava, you will be able to participate in two of the best events in southern Europe.

  • We put at your disposal all the logistical facilities to participate in both events.
  • A very attractive offer for the ferry.
  • The teams that register for both events will also have an exclusive 10% discount on both registrations.

Don’t miss out on this great opportunity, and enjoy the best stages and two highly experienced organizations that are looking forward to welcoming you to become part of their motor racing families.

For more information please contact rallyclassics@rallyclassics.org.

We look forward to welcoming you!