Xavier Piña, during his participation in the 62th Rally Costa Brava, with the replica of the Lancia Stratos HF “Pirelli” with which Carello triumphed in 1978

The Italian champion “Tony” Carello will attend to Girona to revive one of the most exciting moments of his sports career. In 1978, at the wheel of his Lancia Stratos HF “Pirelli”, Carello was proclaimed winner of the 26th Rally Costa Brava and the European rally championship, co-piloted by compatriot Maurizio Perissinot. Thus, 39 years later, the Italian rider will return to the legendary Costa Brava event to be part of the Legend category with a replica of his Lancia Stratos HF Gr.4 “Pirelli”, car owned by Xavier Piña and conceded exclusively for this special occasion. Xavier Piña will be his partner inside the cabin.