From 27th to 30th October, Palamós will host one of the greatest regularity rallies in Europe, the XIX Rally Costa Brava Històric by Motul.

From Friday, 20th May, registrations will be open for a rally that will present interesting novelties in this edition, which will be explained over the coming weeks. Among them, three stand out:

  • The rally will maintain the 3-stage format (Thursday to Saturday), but Thursday’s stage will be longer, and the overall itinerary of the rally will also be extended, both in kilometers and in number of stages.
  • Circulation on well-paved roads will be guaranteed at all times.
  • The “Sprint” stage of the Rally Costa Brava Històric is born. This year, the teams that wish to can participate only in the last stage of the rally, on Saturday, which will have its own classification and a special price. It will be a unique way to experience a great regularity rally throughout an unforgettable day.

More news of the XIX Rally Costa Brava Històric by Motul will be revealed soon.

Registrations will be open from Friday 20th May at

Check the schedule and regulations of the rally by clicking here.