MotoClassic Series 2022 – Circuit Barcelona-Catalunya 8th October

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MotoClassic Series

If you have a classic or youngtimer motorbike, regardless of its power or its tuning, you have to try this Track Regularity championship in which performance is matched and enjoyment is maximized at low cost. Here the winners are not the fastest, but the most regular! Face the challenge of tracing your time on each lap without any reference inside, only the ones you receive from the pit wall.

The event includes 1 hour 40 minutes of track time, with a practice session and two Regularity sessions.




Bulletin board

This season we are launching a new bulletin board in the Sportity app. All event information will be accessible from this application. To download the mobile application: use the QR code below or search for Sportity in Google Play or Apple Store, and enter the Password MCS2022. It is also available in web version.

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